Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nietzsche, Forgetting, Children

Read this blog post and make a comment that answer the questions

1. To what extent did Nietzsche call for forgetting and less memory?

2. What is the relationship between forgetting and being child-like?


  1. 1. Nietzsche called for living in the present and not dwelling about the past. Memory is a burden more than a blessing to society. If society focuses on the past too much, it becomes its structural foundation and ultimate collapse.

    2. Kundera argues that being the future generation should not base their decisions on their predecessors' actions. Instead, being child-like should mean forgetting the past. However, a child can only learn from adults and thus can only move forward when looking back.

  2. Kundera is terrified of forgetting our past. He believes that all of those who want to control you want you to forget, because that makes you child-like, and easy to control. That is why every totalitarian government tries to eliminate memory.